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  • Suleimenov, E. M.; Raldugin, V. A.; Shakirov, M. M.; Bagryanskaya, I. Yu.; Gatilov, Yu. V.; Kulyjiasov, A. T.; Adekenov, S. M. (2014-06-30)
    Oxidation of (+) sabinol, (1S,3R,5S)-1-isopropyl-4-methylidenebicyclo[3.1.0]hexan-3-ol, by active MnO2 afforded not the expected sabinone but only its [4+2]-cyclodimer. The molecular structure of the latter was established ...
  • Suleimenov, E. M.; Smagulova, F. M.; Seidakhmetova, R. B.; Aksartov, R. M.; Raldugin, V. A.; Adekenov, S. M. (2014-07-02)
    Artemisia sieversianaWilld (Sievers wormwood) is a large weed that inhabits almost all of Kazakhstan. Guaianolides, the lignans sieversol and 5-methoxysesamin, coumarins, and the essential oil, for which the component ...
  • Suleimen, E. M.; Van Hecke, K.; Van Meervelt, L.; Deborggraeve, Wim; Dehaen, Wim (2014-07-02)
    The absolute configuration of 3-acetoxybetulinic acid is determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction.
  • Suleimenov, E. M.; Raldugin, V. A.; Gatilov, Yu. V.; Bagryanskaya, I. Yu.; Seidakhmetova, R.; Aksartov, R. M.; Adekenov, S. M. (2014-07-02)
    Reaction of the germacranolide stizolicin with secondary amines formed normal products of a Michael reaction at the exomethylene group and simultaneously led to solvolysis with cleavage of the acyl group. The structures ...
  • Suleimenov Ye.M.; Machmudah S.; Ishmuratova M.; Sasaki M.; Goto M. (2012-09-20)
    The composition of extracts of Ferula soongarica Pall. ex Schult. from two regions of Kazakhstan, obtained by supercritical СО2 extraction was investigated by GC/MS.
  • Suleimenov, E. M.; Raldugin, V. A.; Adekenov, S. M. (2014-07-02)
    We isolated previously from Artemisia albidaWilld. the sesquiterpene lactones austricin, matricarin, canin, and argolide in addition to the flavonoids eupatilin and its 5′-methyl ester.
  • Asanova, Zh. K.; Suleimenov, E. M.; Atazhanova, G. A.; Dembitskii, A. D.; Pak, R. N.; Dar, A.; Adekenov, S. M. (2014-07-02)
    Levant (santonica) wormwood (Artemisia cina Berg.) is known as the source of an antihelminthic agent. Wild-growing plants are now encountered only in South Kazakhstan and in the Zhambyl Regions of Kazakhstan. The above-ground ...
  • Seidakhmetova, R. B.; Beisenbaeva, A. A.; Atazhanova, G. A.; Suleimenov, E. M.; Pak, R. N.; Kulyyasov, A. T.; Adekenov, S. M. (2014-06-30)
    Essential oils are complex mixtures of various organic compounds, most of which possess an isoprenoid structure. Data in the literature are indicative of the high biological activity of essential oils, which makes possible ...
  • Ozek, Gulmura; Suleimen, Yerlan; Tabanca, Nurhayat; Doudkin, Roman; Gorovoy, Petr G.; Goger, Fatih; Ali, Abbas; Khan, Ikhlas A.; Baser, Kemal Husnu C. (2014-06-30)
    Artemisia argyi, A. feddei, A. gmelinii, A. manshurica, and A. olgensis (Asteraceae) were collected in Far East Russia. Oils were hydrodistilled and simultaneously analyzed by GC-FID and GC/MS.
  • Suleimenov, E. M.; Raldugin, V. A.; Adekenov, S. M. (2014-07-03)
    The sesquiterpene lactones stizolicin, stizolin, and balsamin were isolated previously by Rybalko from Stizolophus balsamita (Lam.) Cass. ex. Takht.
  • Suleimenov, E. M.; Ozek, T.; Demirci, F.; Demirci, B.; Baser, K. H. C.; Adekenov, S. M. (2014-07-03)
    Artemisia kasakorum (Krasch.) Pavlov is a rhizomous grayish-green perennial of up to 80 cm height with a few thick and strong generative runners. The endemic Turanian species is ecologically confined to strongly saline ...
  • Sadyrbekov, D. T.; Suleimenov, E. M.; Tikhonova, E. V.; Atazhanova, G. A.; Tkachev, A. V.; Adekenov, S. M. (2014-07-02)
    The component composition of the four speciesAchillea filipendulina, A. sudetica, A. ledebourii, and A. cartilaginea was studied by GC-MS. It was found that the principal components of the essential oil (%) were santolina ...
  • Suleimenov, E. M.; Ozek, T.; Demirci, F.; Demirci, B.; Baser, K. H. C.; Adekenov, S. M. (2014-07-03)
    In continuation of the study of the composition of essential oils from plants of the Kazakhstan flora, the component compositions of two types of sage, A. lercheanaKar. et Kir. and A. sieversianaWilld., were investigated by GC—MS.
  • Suleimenov, E. M. (2014-07-03)
    Coumarins and furanocoumarins isoimperatorin, peucedanin, peumorisin and flavonoids quercetin, isorhamnetin, rutin, and isorhamnetin-3-rutinoside have been isolated previously from Peusedanum morisonii Bess.(Apiaceae). We ...
  • Suleimenov, E. M.; Machmudah, S.; Sasaki, M.; Goto, M. (2014-07-03)
    Biologically active pyrrolizidine alkaloids senecionine, squalidine, and alkaloid S-F were isolated previously from Senecio viscosusL. (Compositae). We isolated flavonoids pochilidol and velutin. Volatile components of ...
  • Suleimenov, E. M.; Machmudah, S.; Sasaki, M.; Goto, M. (2014-07-03)
    Tea of Eryngium planum L. has long been used in European folk medicine to treat whooping cough and coughing. The use of this plant for tuberculosis and as a diuretic has been reported. The effect of its extract on several ...
  • Kikhanova, Zh. S.; Iskakova, Zh. B.; Dzhalmakhanbetova, R. I.; Seilkhanov, T. M.; Ross, S. A.; Suleimen, E. M. (2014-07-03)
    We studied the phytochemistry of the aerial part of Artemisia austriaca Jacq. collected in Akmolin Oblast in July 2013. Several sesquiterpene lactones (austricin, hydroxyachillin, anhydroaustricin, arborescin, santonin, ...
  • Suleimenov, E. M.; Raldugin, V. A.; Shakirov, M. M.; Adekenov, S. M. (2014-07-03)
    The sidechain of the germacranolide stizolicin was oxidized by CrO3 in Py to form a lactone. The structure of the product was established as 4,5α-epoxy-7α,5,6,8β(H)-germacr-1(10),11(13)-dien-8α(3′-oxo-2′,5′-dihydrofuran- ...
  • Suleimenov, Ye. M.; Atazhanova, G.A.; Ozek, T.; Demirci, B.; Kulyyasov, A.T.; Adekenov, S. M.; Baser, K.H.C. (2014-06-30)
    The chemical composition of essential oils of Achillea millefolium L., A. nobilis L. from Kazakhstan flora and A. grandiflora Bieb introduced in culture at the Karaganda Botanic garden were determined by GC/MS. The main ...
  • Suleimenov, E. M.; Tkachev, A. V.; Adekenov, S. M. (2014-07-03)
    Essential oil from the aerial part of Siberian wild and cultivated Artemisia dracunculus L. (AD, tarragon) was studied previously by GC–MS.

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