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  • Jamil, M.,; Ali, S.,; Momeni, D.,; Myrzakulov, R. (2012-07-02)
    In this paper, we investigate the generalized Saez–Ballester scalar–tensor theory of gravity via Noether gauge symmetry (NGS) in the background of Bianchi type I cosmological spacetime. We start with the Lagrangian ...
  • Jamil, M.,; Rashid M.A.; Momeni D.; Razina O.; Esmakhanova K. (2012-07-02)
    Motivated by an earlier work on fractional-action cosmology with a periodic weight function [1], we extend it by choosing a power-law weight function in the action. In this approach, we obtain a varying gravitational ...
  • Debnath, U.,; Chattopadhyay, S.,; Hussain, I.,; Jamil, M.,; Myrzakulov, R. (2012-07-02)
    In this work, we have considered the power-law correction of entropy on the horizon. If the flat FRW Universe is filled with the n components fluid with interactions, the GSL of thermodynamics for apparent and event ...
  • Pasqua, A.,; Khodam-Mohammadi, A.,; Jamil, M.,; Myrzakulov, R. (2012-07-02)
    Motivated by the holographic principle, it has been suggested that the dark energy density may be inversely proportional to the area A of the event horizon of the universe. However, such a model would have a causality problem. ...
  • Jamil, M.,; Momeni, D.,; Raza, M.,; Myrzakulov, R. (2012-07-02)
    In this paper, we reconstruct cosmological models in the framework of f (R,T ) gravity, where R is the Ricci scalar and T is the trace of the stress-energy tensor.We show that the dust fluid reproduces ΛCDM, ...

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