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  • F. A. Garner; H. R. Brager (2013-04-15)
    In earlier reports it was shown that cold-working of solute-bearing austenitic alloys affects their phase evolution, thereby controlling the composition of the alloy matrix and the onset of void swelling.(1"3) ...
  • F.A. Garner; H. R. Brager (2013-04-16)
    The use of high-conductivity high-strength copper-base alloys is anticipated for use in operation of fusion devices, particularly in the magnets and high heat-flux components. There is very little data ...
  • H. R. Brager; F.A. Garner (2013-04-15)
    Two alternative interpretations of a unique but limited set of data have been advanced in an attempt to predict the influence of large levels of helium on the swelling of AISI 3160.2). whether or not large ...

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