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  • G.T. Bekmanova; A.A. Sharipbayev; A.K.Buribayeva (2012-06-30)
    The work formalizes the rules for ending addition to the stems of Kazakh words that generate many word forms differing from each other only by endings from one and the same word. Since the formal grammars in the hierarchy ...
  • A.A. Sharipbayev; G.T. Bekmanova; V.U. Shelepov (2012-06-30)
    The formalism is offered for the formal description of phonologic rules of the Kazakh language which are connected with such laws, as devocalization and vocalization. The phonetic alphabet is resulted of the Kazakh language ...
  • G.T. Bekmanova; A.A. Sharipbayev; B. Yergesh; A.S. Mukanova (2012-06-30)
    The order for affixes arrangement is strictly defined in the Kazakh language. For formalization of the rules for suffixes and ending addition the semantic neural network generating word forms of the Kazakh language is used. ...

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